Brief report on resightings of Curlew headstarted in the Severn Vale, Mar-Nov 2020

As reported in previous news items on Curlewcall, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust launched a Severn Vale Curlew project in spring 2019. The project involved both monitoring of wild breeding Curlews in the Severn Vale in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, and raising young Curlews in aviaries from eggs taken from nests on East Anglian airfields, where the nests would otherwise have been destroyed to prevent collisions with aircraft.

The young Curlews were released in summer 2019; it is hoped that they will return to strengthen local populations in their natal area; in order to follow their movements, they were all marked with colour rings inscribed with numbers, so that individuals could be followed. It is obviously important to know just where these young Curlews spend the first year of their life, and plans were in hand to monitor their movements in their first year. A first report on sightings was provided by Dave Evans of the WWT project (see the entry under ‘News’ dated 5 March 2020). Sadly, coronavirus made it impossible to raise more chicks in 2020 as had been planned, and has limited the amount of fieldwork done, but the attached update from Dave Evans gives the latest findings.

Report by David Evans, Research Officer, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT): 20201202 Headstarted Curlew resightings Mar-Nov 2020 (PDF).

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