Curlew Workshop at the Prague International Wader Conference

Dear Friends,

You have been identified as studying or as involved in conservation of Eurasian Curlew and already implied in different discussion groups on this species. In the context of the European Action Plan for the species established some years ago under the aegis of AEWA, we would like to propose a workshop at the next International Wader Study Group meeting for assessing recent knowledge acquired on the biology of the species. We are now several groups across Europe using GPS loggers for studying survival in winter, migration patterns or breeding in spring. This recent and simultaneous set-up of tracking  studies will generate detailed information on habitat requirements and survival strategies of Eurasian Curlews in the context of declining populations. But analyses of position data are limited without direct studies of habitat and trophic resources in the field. Consequently, this workshop aims at linking every group working on the species between breeding, stopover and winter areas. The ultimate aim is to shed light on links between these three stages of the biological cycle of the species.

The workshop will take place on 15th of September 2017 during the IWSG meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

You can find in the attached file the program with the three main topics, breeding, migration and wintering.

This workshop is an initiative of French and German teams working on the species.

Hoping to see you  numerous and enthusiastically participating in this workshop.

We wait your proposition of presentation according to the three main topic: Breeding, Migration and Wintering

Best regards,

Pierrick Bocher University of La Rochelle (France)
Philipp Schwemmer University of Kiel (Germany)
Natalie Meyer NABU (Germany)
Frédéric Robin LPO ( France)

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