Saving England’s lowland Eurasian Curlews

Following a talk given by Mary Colwell at the 2019 Rutland Bird Fair on the work of Curlew Forum to conserve lowland Curlews, several of the audience suggested that the talk was worth publishing more widely. The text was duly revised and expanded, and appeared under the signature of the four members of the Curlew Forum Standing Committee in the May 2020 number of “British Birds”. The Board of the magazine have kindly given permission for it to be reproduced on this website well ahead of the normal release date, for which we thank them.

Saving England’s lowland Eurasian Curlews (PDF).

Reproduced with permission from British Birds

This paper by the Curlew Forum on saving England’s lowland Eurasian Curlews appeared in “British Birds” in May 2020.

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