New ringing scheme for breeding Curlews in the Netherlands

A new colour-ringing scheme for breeding Curlews in the Netherlands has just been started. It is run by Gerrit Gerritsen, the International Coordinator for Curlews under the International Wader Study Group. In 2019 five adults were ringed on the nest and 25 chicks were ringed just before fledging, at five different places in the northern Netherlands. The birds have on the right tibia a white flag with the letter H followed by a two-digit number, and on the left tibia a yellow marker (see photo). In the past, the UK has been an important wintering area for the Dutch breeders (as you can see from the Netherlands ‘Migration Atlas’ at, so some of these birds are likely to appear in the UK. Please send information about any sightings to Gerrit at (or to and we will forward).

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