Curlews on Golf Courses

Curlews nest on grassland, so why not on golf courses?

Rosemary Thompson has sent us the attached pictures of Curlews nesting on the Colne Golf Club at Colne in Lancashire. She comments:

“The groundsmen spotted the nest and roped it off, and the tees were rearranged so that that they had minimal disturbance. They were on the nest whilst we were on lockdown so it was unusually quiet. Apparently, there were four eggs but only three hatched with one missing – probably predated by the crow that was forever hanging around. (Some of the golfers shoo the crows away so human presence can be a good thing!). They are now up and running around the course as they are about two weeks old, possibly more. There are four older chicks in an adjoining field but I haven’t seen them. Those golfers I spoke to were all in agreement that it is wonderful to have them on the course and surprised to learn that they are endangered as they appear so common here.”

The Hon. Secretary of the Colne Golf Club, Alan Lonsdale, adds:

“They have become quite the topic of conversation and we all get regular updates on their progress. I can honestly say I have had no adverse comments whatsoever about the steps we have taken and I have even seen irate golfers chasing the magpies away. I think the chicks have been made honorary members!”

This of course raises the question of how many other Golf Clubs provide nesting habitat for Curlews, and how we might enthuse other golfers to support Curlew conversation. Curlew Forum is going to write to ‘Today’s Golfer’ and ‘Golfing World’ to enquire further.





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