Curlews at the nest

With most of us in lockdown, Curlews are getting on with the business of nesting!

The Curlew Country project in Shropshire which has been working with local people and farmers on Curlew conservation for the last five years, has re-established its Curlew camera on a nest in 2020.

You can watch this addictive footage all day by clicking here Curlew Cam 2020

The Curlew Country ornithologist, Tony Cross, has for many years been catching and ringing Curlews in Shropshire and in mid-Wales. Further details of the Shropshire nest and of the two parent birds, unusually both of them colour-ringed (BI and ID) so that they can be told apart as individuals are available on the Mid-Wales Ringing Group blogspot at

Both websites are referring to the same nest.


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