Curlew Workshop in Wales, 2018

The workshop on ’The Status and Future of Curlew in Wales’ was held at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Showground in Builth Wells on 24 January 2018, under the auspices of Natural Resources Wales, the Welsh Ornithological Society, Curlew Media, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, RSPB Cymru and Ecology Matters Trust. The meeting attracted a large participation (more than 110 people present) from a wide spectrum of interested bodies and individuals – birdwatchers, conservationists, farmers, land managers, gamekeepers from governmental and non-governmental bodies across Wales.  In the morning sessions a series of presentations were made; in the afternoon there were frank round-table discussions, which emphasized the need for immediate action from the bottom upwards, not from the top down. The immediate conclusions presented by Patrick Lindley, of Natural Resources Wales, at the end of the afternoon were as follows:

  1. Implement monitoring of existing populations to find out where the birds are still nesting, how many and the problems they face.
  2. Engage farmers and landowners.
  3. Establish an All-Wales Curlew Action Group.
  4. Create public awareness about the decline of curlews.
  5. Seek the establishment of Curlew-specific agri-environment schemes.

A more detailed report on the workshop is in preparation, and will be circulated as soon as it is ready. All the documents available from the workshop (agenda, speakers’ biographies, and most of the presentations – with the remaining ones to be added later) are posted here, under the heading Conferences. Note that if it is decided that a separate Welsh Curlew website is needed, all the documents available from the workshop will be made available there.

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