Curlew reporting template

We are keen to standardise the reporting of curlew breeding data, and establish a consistent approach in presenting breeding season numbers. This will enable us to compare trends year-to-year and be able to contribute to the collation of UK figures with a high degree of confidence. Understanding what populations we have, where the key areas are and how they are doing gives a solid foundation for promoting our conservation efforts.

We are asking the area project leads to submit the season’s breeding data via the Curlew reporting template (Excel spreadsheet) in time for the annual Curlew Forum project leads meeting in November. If all those involved in curlew fieldwork could familiarise themselves with the information required on the template and submit their records to leads accordingly, that will make the job of compilation that much easier for leads! Thank you!

The spreadsheet will hopefully be self-explanatory; a few examples are given (shaded yellow) at the top and the majority of cells are easily completed by just selecting from the drop-downs. Further information is given by hovering over the little red triangles in relevant cells.  Please note we will not share grid references – they will only be used to produce large scale maps on which individual holdings will not be identifiable.

Happy reporting & thanks again!
Phil Sheldrake

The master spreadsheet above has been updated in October 2018.

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