Curlew Country – Curlew Recovery Training days – 13 and 20 November 2019

Dear Curlew Country supporter,

In response to the high demand for help and advice which we have received over the past few years and which due to our limited capacity we are not always able to fulfil, we are setting up two training courses.  One is for farmers, landowners and managers (13th Nov 2019) and the second is for other organisations wishing to get involved in curlew recovery work (20th Nov 2019).

Both events will take place at Norbury within the Curlew Country landscape.  Whilst we have drafted programmes for both, if you do wish to attend, we will ask you if you have any specific items which you want to cover to try to make sure that questions are answered.  We are aware from the many calls that we need to cover a wide range of information.

With Good Wishes,

The Curlew Country Team
Phone: 01743 296100,

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