Colour-ringed Curlews on the Usk estuary

During the winter of 2015/16, a BTO/WWT team caught and colour-ringed 41 adult wintering Curlew in the general area of the Usk Estuary, between Newport and Cardiff, in south Wales. The purpose of the work, supported by Tidal Lagoon Power, was to study the local movements of the birds to […]

Welsh Curlew in south Devon

The RSPB’s major Trial Management Project involves studies of breeding Curlews at six upland sites in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. The Welsh study site is at Ysbyty Ifan near Bettws-y-Coed; for background details on the Welsh work see (on this website) the reports presented by David Smith and […]

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust – Hardwick Green Meadows Project

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust held an event about the The Hardwick Green Meadows Project, called ‘Our Floodplain meadows through Time’ on October 22nd 2019. The Hardwick Green Meadows Project began after this floodplain meadows site was purchased in 2017 by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust It is one of around 70 […]

The Legend of St Beuno

The legend of St Beuno explains why it is so hard to find the nest of the Curlew: As a matter of fact it is the fault of St Beuno. When he lived at Clynnog he used to go regularly on Sunday to preach at Llanddwyn, off the coast of […]

National BTO award presented to Mike Smart

Each year the British Trust for Ornithology presents awards for outstanding contributions to ornithology.  They are sponsored by the Marsh Christian Trust and therefore known as the Marsh Awards for Ornithology.  There are five categories: one for a professional ornithologist; one for innovation; one for international work; one for local […]