National BTO award presented to Mike Smart

Each year the British Trust for Ornithology presents awards for outstanding contributions to ornithology.  They are sponsored by the Marsh Christian Trust and therefore known as the Marsh Awards for Ornithology.  There are five categories: one for a professional ornithologist; one for innovation; one for international work; one for local […]

The value of reading coloured rings on Curlews

An adult Curlew, colour-ringed in North Wales, has just been re-sighted in County Cork in Ireland (see picture by Nicholas Mitchell). The bird in question, YELLOW 4A, was ringed with metal ring FJ10852 as an adult female on 11 March 2017 by Tony Cross at a nocturnal, pre-breeding season roost […]

Update on head-started juveniles from Slimbridge

As well as monitoring and protecting Curlew nests in the Severn and Avon Vales and cooperating with farmers and landowners on whose land the birds nest, the WWT Severn Curlew Project has been following the movements of ‘head-started’ Curlew chicks – those raised in captivity and released (with colour rings) […]

A cautionary tale of Brer Fox

Received wisdom is that Curlews (like geese) gather in the evening to roost on islands, in order to be safe from predation by foxes; and that many species of wader (and ducks too) nest on islands for the same reason. The underlying assumption in both cases is that foxes can’t, […]

Curlews at the International Wader Study Group, 2019

Mike Smart This year’s Annual Conference of the International Wader Study Group (IWSG) was held in UK at one of the UK’s major estuarine sites, Morecambe Bay in northwest England (2017 in the Czech Republic, 2018 in The Netherlands). Tributes were paid to Hermann Hötker, former Chairman of IWSG, whose  […]