Breeding Curlews return to the English lowlands

Today’s news item on satellite-tagged Curlews from Germany showed birds already on the move back from wintering areas in the UK and Spain to their breeding grounds. As might be expected, breeding birds are also returning to English lowland breeding sites:

  • Along the Severn in Worcestershire, the first returnee was recorded at Upton Ham, Upton-on-Severn, where heavy flooding had recently receded, on 18 February; the observers commented that the first birds in 2020 had been on 16 February.
  • Also along the Severn, at the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s reserve at Coombe Hill, there has also been heavy flooding for the last three weeks. Flooding is now dropping, but there was as yet no sign of the usual pre-season evening roost on 18 February.
  • In Oxfordshire. The first returning Curlews have been recorded at the RSPB Otmoor reserve.

Further records of returning birds welcome!

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