Curlew Country – Curlew (Recovery) Curfew

We had hoped to be letting you know about exciting plans for the season, including headstarting with volunteers, associated training and monitoring the return of chicks released in 2018 from the headstarting initiative etc. Curlew Country is most fortunate to work with a great and growing team of dedicated and […]

Curlews at pre-season roosts

Pre-season roosts Under the subject of Roosting, “The Birds of the Western Palearctic” (Volume 2, page 506) distinguished between roosts outside the breeding season (whether at high tide or at night) and in the breeding season. In the latter period it notes: ‘After moving inland to breeding grounds but before […]

Mid-Wales Ringing Group – Baby Come Back

Thanks to the Mid-Wales Ringing Group and Tony Cross for sharing this with us. Their blog is at: Mid-Wales Ringing Group blog In 2016 and 2017 we had a brief spell working with the Powys Moorland Partnership monitoring their small Lapwing and Curlew breeding population. The above Curlew chick is […]

Sad news: death of Mr Eskandar Firouz

The death has been announced (in the USA in early March at the age of 93) of Mr Eskandar Firouz, former Environment Minister of Iran.  Mr Firouz was one of the three founding fathers (with Dr Luc Hoffmann of Tour du Valat research station in the Camargue in France, and […]

Curlews return despite the floods

Sharp-eyed Curlew watchers in the vales of the Wye, Severn and Avon have for some time now been looking out for the return of the first breeding Curlews to their nesting grounds. In 2018 the first bird, a singleton, was back at the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust reserve at Coombe Hill […]