‘A transdisciplinary approach to a conservation crisis’

Follow-up to the 2016 “Curlews in Crisis” Conference in Ireland

The “Curlews in Crisis” conference in Higginstown, Ireland, was the first of the four recent Curlew conferences (see the Article under ‘Conferences’ on this website, which also carries reports of the Irish Curlew Task Force).

The website has also provided reports from Ireland, the most recent being the report on breeding productivity in Ireland in 2019, which showed increased productivity (see under ‘News’ on  24 September 2019).

In addition, an academic follow-up to the conference has been published in the journal Conservation Science and Practice, a journal of the Society for Conservation Biology. Among the authors are several of those who played a leading part in the original Higginstown Conference and its follow-up on the ground. The paper may be accessed via the following link:




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