Scottish Curlew Conference – Crowdfunding

Following the three Conferences on breeding Curlews in Ireland, lowland southern England and Wales (for details see the Conferences section of this website), a fourth Conference on breeding Curlews in Scotland is planned for September 2018, under the title ‘Whaup’s up?’ It is intended that the Scottish Conference should reflect the same interests as the three previous conferences, and it is hoped that participants will include not only birdwatchers, conservationists and scientists, but in particular farmers, land owners and managers, as well as organizations (both governmental and non-governmental) concerned with Curlew conservation and land use.

Crowdfunding is being used to raise money to cover the costs of this Conference; may we invite you to look at the attached link to the crowdfunding page and if possible to make a contribution: Scottish Curlew Conference Crowdfunding

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