Message from school in Poland

Dear Mary Colwell,

We run a small language school in Grodzisk Mazowiecki in Poland.

We found a page of  ‘Jestem na pTak’ on Facebook. Its name could be translated ‘I am to say Yes for birds’; however, the name is a pun.

Following their page we came across another group of bird lovers, which organizes an international Polish-French project addressed to children. Its target is to arouse awareness of migrating birds.

Statistics prove that lots of them are killed while flying above France because of hunters shooting at them.

We decided to join the project with our students.

Working on it, we  learnt a lot about migrating birds. The CURLEW has become our favourite one .

During gathering all the stuff necessary for the project we discovered a video about your Curlew walk.

We also learnt about Curlew Day and want to celebrate it in our school.

Our students were creating postcards with curlew’s image this week. They listened to a talk on these birds and wrote down important facts in their notebooks.

We played the sounds of curlew’s call to our students. Two boys told us that they had heard these sounds during their summer holidays at the lake district in the North-East of Poland.

All the students have signed a request letter to French people asking to take care of migrating birds.

We took a lot of pictures of the cards created by our students and can send the pictures to you. The cards will be sent together with a letter to France. We really admire your involvement in an environmental campaign.

Your faithfully,

Katarzyna i Paweł Tekielscy
( Kasia & Paweł )

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