Scotland Conference 2018

The fourth meeting on the problems faced by breeding Curlews in lowland Ireland and UK took place at Scottish Natural Heritage’s Battleby Conference Centre near Perth on 27 September 2018. The Conference was organized by the Curlew Forum and Working for Waders, and was strongly supported by Scottish Natural Heritage. […]

Third ever Curlew recovery in Poland

There are remarkably few records of movements of ringed Curlew between the UK and Poland, indeed the BTO website only records the following two, out of nearly 1,800 recoveries of this species: The ringing and finding locations of both these birds were close to the Baltic coast, and the birds […]

Polish project to conserve meadow breeding Curlews

This website contains a large amount of information on the valuable work being done in Poland to conserve breeding Curlews: (click on the image of the UK flag to read it in English). Also see our Advice page, where there is information from Poland about “head-starting”. These images give an […]

Breeding Curlews in the Lower Derwent Valley

Until now, most of the Curlew Forum’s activities in England have related to smallish pockets of breeding birds in the lowlands of southern England – at sites such as the Somerset Levels, The Thames Valley, the New Forest, the Severn and Avon Vales.  Our most northerly contacts in England (though […]

Curlew Greeting Card

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, has put his name to a “noisy card” for Curlews. When opened, this card makes the sound of a Curlew and there is a personal plea inside for action to save them. We hope this will move the agenda on for Curlews and […]

Curlew Forum Newsletter 6, 18 July 2018

NEWSLETTER 6 – JULY 2018   The Curlew Forum Newsletter is issued four times a year and aims to connect and inform the various groups working on Curlews throughout lowland and southern Britain. Our website, , has previous issues as well as useful information and literature.   Curlew Forum […]

Curlew reporting template

We are keen to standardise the reporting of curlew breeding data, and establish a consistent approach in presenting breeding season numbers. This will enable us to compare trends year-to-year and be able to contribute to the collation of UK figures with a high degree of confidence. Understanding what populations we […]