Message from school in Poland

Dear Mary Colwell, We run a small language school in Grodzisk Mazowiecki in Poland. We found a page of  ‘Jestem na pTak’ on Facebook. Its name could be translated ‘I am to say Yes for birds’; however, the name is a pun. Following their page we came across another group of […]

Curlew Country Funding Update

The Curlew Country Team would like say a huge thank you to all of the generous people that have already donated to our urgent appeal. We’ve been getting some amazing messages from people all over the country (and even from other countries!) in support of the work we are doing. […]

Reactions to signs about disturbance

We have recently featured information about signs erected at sites where Curlews and other ground-nesting birds may breed, and where there is a potential for ramblers and dog-walkers, if they stray from the footpaths, to disturb the nesting birds. It is good to see that most visitors respect the signs, […]

Albino Curlew in County Clare, Ireland

We recently showed a picture by Brian Clasper of a leucistic Curlew on its breeding grounds at Upper Teesdale.  Brian mentioned that a near albino bird wintered in Ireland.  Thanks to Tom Murtagh we have now received pictures of what must be the same bird at its wintering area at […]

Protection of ground-nesting birds

This year, as in 2018, we have been erecting signs to protect ground-nesting birds at popular places in the Severn and Avon Vales, asking ramblers and dog-walkers to keep to footpaths and to keep their animals under control. The signs have been produced with financial support from the Gloucestershire Naturalists’ […]

First Curlew sighting in 2019

For a couple of weeks now we have been looking out for the first returning Curlews at their breeding areas in the Severn and Avon Vales in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. They normally winter round our coasts, then return to the inland meadows from January onwards. Today 11 February the first […]

Urgent Curlew Appeal

Attached you will find details of our urgent curlew appeal, and we ask for your help. 20190211 Curlew Appeal Final (PDF file) To enable us to continue with our vital curlew recovery work we need to raise money to see us through 2019. If you are able then please donate, […]