First Curlew sighting in 2019

For a couple of weeks now we have been looking out for the first returning Curlews at their breeding areas in the Severn and Avon Vales in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. They normally winter round our coasts, then return to the inland meadows from January onwards. Today 11 February the first […]

Urgent Curlew Appeal

Attached you will find details of our urgent curlew appeal, and we ask for your help. 20190211 Curlew Appeal Final (PDF file) To enable us to continue with our vital curlew recovery work we need to raise money to see us through 2019. If you are able then please donate, […]

More tagged Curlews from Poland

A recent post on this website, dated 19 September, provided information on only the third ever record of a ringed Curlew moving between Poland and Britain, and gave some details of the excellent Curlew conservation project, currently under way in Poland (see The note also mentioned that this project […]

Curlews breeding in Ireland; where do they winter?

The well-documented crash in numbers and range of Curlews that breed in the Republic of Ireland, and in Northern Ireland has prompted discussion and speculation about where these birds spend the winter. It could be that one reason for the decline is linked to conditions on the wintering grounds; could […]

Record of the Battleby Conference, September 2018

Whaup’s Up? – The Status and Future of Curlew in Scotland 27 September 2018, Battleby Conference Centre, Perth The Conference at Battleby was the fourth in a series of meetings held to highlight the drastic decline of breeding Curlews in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and to seek ways of […]

Scotland Conference 2018

The fourth meeting on the problems faced by breeding Curlews in lowland Ireland and UK took place at Scottish Natural Heritage’s Battleby Conference Centre near Perth on 27 September 2018. The Conference was organized by the Curlew Forum and Working for Waders, and was strongly supported by Scottish Natural Heritage. […]

Third ever Curlew recovery in Poland

There are remarkably few records of movements of ringed Curlew between the UK and Poland, indeed the BTO website only records the following two, out of nearly 1,800 recoveries of this species: The ringing and finding locations of both these birds were close to the Baltic coast, and the birds […]